Walking Tall in Babylon

The church has lost its vision under the captivity of modern day Babylon! 


What if the world doesn’t need a duplicate of the person you aspire to be?  What if God has planted a vision in you that would change the trajectory of the entire church?  This concept is nearly impossible to grasp in a society that bullies and intimidates to keep people in their make believe cages, especially in the spirit realm.  Unfortunately, much of the church has taken on this identity of slavery to the point of remaining stagnate to appease a secular society and church.  As referenced in scripture and throughout this text, God is up to something new in a hungry generation!  It takes the anointing of the Holy Spirit to bring a big vision to life in dead regions.  When all hope has been lost, God is looking to raise up a remnant generation of visionaries that are willing to run courageously out of their cages and into the heart of the Father!  In this book, evangelist Nik Walker provides insight and wisdom based on scripture and experiences of casting big vision in small places.  When an entire generation is crying out for the real thing, it is time for a remnant to walk tall!


Walking Tall In Babylon contains insight and experiences from scripture in areas such as:


  • Living in your created identity
  • Refusing to live in what “used to be”
  • Keeping your circle refined
  • The necessity of hunger
  • Mentalities that kill your vision
  • Why many have lost sight of their seeds
  • Removing the lens of a slave
  • Keeping your passions from burning you out
  • Seeing what the bird sees
  • What if my spiritual womb is barren?


No longer are we simply waiting on a move of God.  We are a move of God!  Read how God will bring a vision to life that will change the landscape of a nation… through you!