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Revelations From a Caveman
– Soothing Demons –
Shortly following the “transfer of power,” Saul’s men recognized that an evil spirit had gained influence over his troubled mind. Immediately, the servants of Saul begin seeking an anointed man who is skillful in playing music to come and ease the torment inside the head of their king. Even the servants of the king understood the power of worship! Seeking gifts, the servants sought David to come to the rescue. David was described to Saul by these man as a man of valor, prudent in speech and having the Lord wit him. Saul took an immediate liking to David, saying that he has found favor in the sight of the king (1 Sam. 16:15-23)! Understand that David did not find favor with Saul because of who he was but because of what was on him… the anointing! The reason that Saul was soothed by David’s musical ability was not because of the ability itself. It was because of the anointing that the Lord has placed on his gift. Scripture teaches that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance (Rom. 11:29), meaning that you will retain your gifts whether you are serving the Lord or not. The gifts you possess were given to you from birth, and you will not lose them based on your spiritual condition. This explains the success of so many carnage, secular music artists who have completely sold out to Satan and his agenda. They have a gift
David had a gift to play music. There were many harp players throughout the region at that time, and if they were only looking for a gifted musician, anyone could have been called. The reason it had to be David is because the anointing was over his gift. It is the anointing that draws favor. I would again refer you to the description of David given to Saul by his servants. David was “a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor, a warrior, one prudent in speech, and a handsome man” (1 Sam. 16:18). All these traits are desirable and good, but I left one final description out that ties everything else together… “and the Lord is with him” (v. 18). You can be good looking a strong, but is the Lord with you? The true sign that a man has favor is if the Lord is present in their daily life such as David. Saul recognized the anointing because he had the anointing of God for a period of time. It was familiar to him though no longer upon him. This, in my opinion, is the reason Saul took such a quick liking to David and immediately made him his armor bearer (1 Sam. 16:21).
Based on the wording of the passage, it seems that the evil spirit came to Saul at certain times as it pleased. Whenever this took place, David would begin to play the harp, and the evil spirit would leave Saul (1 Sam. 16:23). Saul would become “refreshed,” a Hebrew word used only two other times in the Old Testament that means “to be spacious.” In other words, the anointing was removing the burdens from Saul’s mind and giving him space from the torment. The Lord had anointed his musical abilities. It is merely not a gifted musician that soothes demons but an anointed musician. The enemy cannot stand in the presence of the anointing! The Holy Spirit’s anointing always operates through the ministries of men and women. In the church today, the anointing is undervalued and under appreciated. Leaders have become content with placing people in positions of authority who have great gifts but no anointing. In this culture of elevating gifts, how can we tell the difference? A gifted speaker will fill up a conference center. A gifted musician or band will make the crowd jump to their feet in celebration and adoration of the ability. A gifted singer can hit a note that will give you goosebumps. A gifted writer can bring a reader to tears, keeping them glued to the pages, with just the right wording and structure. A gifted leader can get a flock of people to follow them into destruction based solely on their ability to influence people’s emotions. Even with all these gifts, goosebumps, and gatherings, the people will be left spiritually empty and bankrupt unless the anointing is present. A gift will do all these things, but it takes an anointing to break a yoke of bondage (Isa. 10:27). A gift will bring people to their feet, the anointing will bring people to their knees in repentance. A gift will fill the room with people, but the anointing will fill the room with salvation. Even a demon can enjoy one’s gift, but they will tremble in the presence of the anointing (James 2:19). Gifted leaders build followings, but anointed leaders build disciples! The anointing is what separates Jesus followers from carnal church-goers who have a title. These are the true kingdom builders. It is those who have completely submitted to the will of the Father so that their abilities can be covered in the oil of the Holy Spirit!