Nik Walker Ministries

Nik Walker Ministries in Charisma News

In 2022 Nik Walker Ministries was featured in five different articles on Charisma Magazine and Charisma News websites.  The first of two articles written by Nik Walker and published on Charisma Magazine’s website asks the question; Is It All Worth It, Preacher? In which Nik discusses challenges of being a young Gen Z evangelist.  The second article, a story written by Nik Walker, and published on Charisma Magazine’s website on October 5, 2022 tells an incredible story of How the Radical Obedience of a Muslim Sparked Revival in West Virginia. In addition to Nik’s articles there was another article written by Shawn Akers and published on Charisma Magazine’s website on February 9, 2022 titled; West Virginia Revival a ‘Phenomenon’ as Youth Being Saved and Baptized by the Hundreds. Which tells the story of how God used Nik Walker Ministries as the catalyst for stirring revival in West Virginia.

Two other articles were published on Charisma New’s website, the first, published on February 11, 2-22 and titled; 25-Year-Old Perry Stone Protege Stirs Up Revival, Hope in Decimated Area of West Virginia and also by Shawn Akers discusses Nik’s ministry and his relationship with his mentor Perry Stone, founder of Perry Stone Ministries in Tennessee.  The second article, published on April 5, 2022 and written by Nik Walker, titled; Perry Stone Protege: Jewel City Revival Becomes the Apple of God’s Eye details how God brought revival to Huntington, West Virginia.  

At Nik Walker Ministries we have been blessed in 2022 and we are grateful to Charisma for allowing us to share some of our stories on how Jesus is working through Nik Walker Ministries to wake up the church, save the lost, and empower a generation. We are looking a even more tremendous outpouring of the Spirit in 2023!