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Nik Walker Ministries at Community Family Church

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Powerful Start at Nik Walker Ministries

The new year is off to a powerful start at Nik Walker Ministries!  On the second Sunday of the year, January 8th, Nik and the team had the honor of coming alongside Pastor Tommy Bates in Independence, Kentucky.  The Holy Spirit moved in a dynamic way, touching hundreds from all generations.  Community Family Church carries a dynamic anointing to bring an “old time” anointing to the 21st Century church.  There was power coming from the voices of the praise team as they mixed the newer and older music together.  What was even more eye-opening is the amount of young people in the room.  It seemed as if at least one third of the church was of a thirty- and- under demographic.

The Spirit Behind Cancel Culture

The Lord downloaded a “right now” word in Nik’s spirit about defeating an overlooked principality that is plaguing our nation… the spirit of Haman.  According to the scripture, Satan influenced Haman to devise an evil plot designed to destroy the Jewish people along with their culture.  Haman voiced to the king of Persia that the Jewish culture could no longer be “tolerated” within their kingdom (see Esther 3).  He also demanded adoration and worship in whatever room he walked into.  This is, without a doubt, the spirit behind the “cancel culture” that is sweeping America. It seeks to silence anything that promotes the authority of Jesus.  The Lord is raising up a generation, though, that refuses to bow to the threats and intimidation of the Haman spirit, just as Mordecai and Esther did.  

Transformed by the Power of God

Many hundreds were touched and transformed by the power of God in that service, and it is just the beginning!  We are grateful for what the Lord is stirring up in our hearts entering 2023!  Keep up with Nik Walker Ministries by following our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.  Visit for more exciting updates!