Nik Walker Ministries

Booking Nik Walker Ministries

To schedule Nik Walker Ministries for a speaking engagement or for your revival event please fill out the Booking Request Form below. 

Booking Request
Example: Pastor, Youth Pastor, etc.
Type of Event(s)
Please list your preferred dates as well as any alternate dates for the event.
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To download publicity photos and biography visit our Media Kit. If the date(s) requested work with Nik’s schedule, a confirmation email will be sent. Nik is not able to fill all requests; our office receives many requests each year. Please make note of the following requests:

  • Coach airfare for Nik from Charleston Regional (CRW) or the most appropriate airport to the commercial airport closest to your location unless ground transportation is used. Our office will make the arrangements and forward them for a reimbursement.
  • We will need two double-bed hotel rooms.
  • We will need pickup and drop off at the airport unless a rental car is used.
  • We will need two tables placed in a high-traffic area for Nik’s resources. The product is sent prior to the event unless ground transportation is used.
  • Nik will need a private area/room to change clothes and meet with his team and altar care team.
  • Please provide a copy of the audio CD and DVD (DVC CAM/PRO if available) of the service(s) if possible.
  • Nik does not set a certain amount for an offering nor are there any contracts to sign. However, we ask that you do your best so that our ministry may grow to reach more people for Christ. It may be appropriate for Nik to let the congregation know about NWM’s ministry projects and/or receive an offering for the ministry.
  • Nik also does not have a set amount for an honorarium.  However, he does take the opportunity to let the congregation know about monthly partnership with NWM.  This is appropriate to continue fulfilling the assignment of the ministry.