Our Mission:
Nik Walker Ministries carries a dynamic assignment to wake up the church, save the lost, and empower a generation. Nik and his ministry team are committed to bridging the gap between generations and bringing the body of Christ in America back to intimacy with the Father. The core of the mission is to bring the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus back to a sleeping church. Nik’s assignment has placed him in the pulpits of many churches, the auditoriums of many public schools, and even in the outside venues of many cities. Wherever he lands, a bold gospel message is preached that draws the hearts of many to repentance. 
Where NWM Began:
Nik began his ministry with an invitation from the sponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Wyoming East High School during his junior year. Seven months following his salvation, Nik spoke to his peers at their weekly FCA service at school. Though the message was only nine minutes long, it left an impact on many students. This began a journey for Nik and the FCA leadership to leave an impact on the schools within Wyoming County. 
Nik began calling principals of local middle schools, asking for an opportunity to speak to their students and give a call to salvation. The results, they found, were nothing short of revival in the school system. By June of 2015, nearly 500 middle and high school students had given their hearts to Jesus during these assemblies. This was the first taste of evangelistic ministry for Nik, and this is something he continues to do in schools when given the invitation. Nik has spoken in schools all across West Virginia, from his hometown in Mullens to the highlands of East Hardy. To date, Nik’s ministry has witnessed over 3,000 students have experienced salvation in the public school system.
Background & Testimony:
Nik Walker is a 26 year-old evangelist from the small coal mining town of Mullens, West Virginia. Nik was radically saved at the age of 16 at the Church of God sponsored ‘WinterFest’ held in Knoxville, Tennessee in March of 2013. He began preaching in November of that same year at his high school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Though he spent nearly his entire childhood in a Pentecostal Holiness Church, it was not until 2013 that he had his life-changing experience with Jesus, snatching him from several years of bondage to pornography. On this night, Nik encountered Jesus. While he had experienced sixteen years of church services, a few minutes with Jesus radically changed him. This began a journey of discovering who Jesus is beyond the Sunday morning services, and the desire of Nik’s heart for the church.
Though he graduated from Concord University, Nik began his college years at the University of Charleston, where he set out to begin his college football career. In the summer following his freshman year, the Lord met him on his ‘prayer mountain’ in Mullens and asked him to exchange football for ministry. Reluctantly, he answered the call and began serving as the youth pastor of the very church he grew up in. This was the same youth ministry that took him to WinterFest where he encountered Jesus several years earlier.
In May of 2019, Nik answered the call to step into evangelism ministry and step away from youth pastoring. After several summer events, the month of July brought a revival that would launch his pursuit of full-time ministry. A three-day conference in Summerville, West Virginia turned into a ten-week marathon of revival. A revival that began with one church hosting a conference in their facility quickly turned into ten weeks involving seven churches of different denominations.
To date, Nik’s ministry has seen revivals of two weeks, ten weeks, six weeks, and most recently, a fifteen-week revival in Huntington, West Virginia. Over 3,000 people have been baptized in water during these powerful services from West Virginia to Louisiana and all across Appalachia. Counties have been physically healed, restored, and delivered.
Professional Experience:
 Nik holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Concord University. Before graduating from Concord, Nik spent one year playing football at the University of Charleston while pursuing a nursing degree. After the Lord called Nik back home, he transferred to West Virginia Institute of Technology to continue his education before ultimately graduating in 2019. Nik has worked for Americorps as a Community Coordinator for Energy Express in West Virginia from 2015-2018. He was also employed by both Wyoming County and Nicholas County school systems as a teacher. Nik was also the coach of a little league football team in Mullens, West Virgina in 2016. Nik worked in these positions until 2021 when he took a step into full-time ministry.
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